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Core Service Standard

Strengthening of Global Competence


  • Diagnosis on the current global competence level.

  • Transforming domestic companies to exporting companies.

Supporting Inroads into Global Market 


  • Project support

  • Utilizing overseas trade offices

  • Supporting inroads to overseas investment

Global Marketing and Sales Support 


  • Global marketing support

  • Global sales support

  • Inquiry management

Economic Cooperation and Employment Support


  • Economic diplomacy support

  • Development of cooperation support

  • Employment support

Providing Global Market Information and Digital B2B Trade Investment Platform Services 

  • Global market information service

  • Digital platform services

  • Digital international marketing support

Attracting Foreign Investment 


  • Investment attraction support
    Consulting services for foreign investor companies



Everything about Job Recruitment in Indonesia!

K-Move is the employment promotion center in KOTRA, the South Korean government organization,

that provides services for trade and investment between Korea and other companies including Indonesia. Tapping on KOTRA's global network through our 127 overseas offices in 86 countries, the K-Move centers actively aim to link Global employers with Korean professionals.

We have specialized personnel for overseas employment support.

Experience and Expertise

Expert consultation on labor and tax matters.

We organize various events utilizing the country's budget to support overseas employment.

Active for nearly 60 years since 1964

127 Trade Offices, 49 K-MOVE Centers

We collaborate with experts, including legal professionals specializing in labor and tax matters.

Venture companies, local Korean businesses, government agencies in the target market, and reputable local universities.​​

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